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Performance Formula

Performance = Potential – Interference

This is a famous quote from Timothy Gallwey, and it’s self-explanatory.

Maintaining high performance at work is most people’s desire. Knowing your interferences and how to minimize them to improve your performance would be helpful. And at the same time, you can also enhance your potential to compensate for the inevitable interferences.

For example,  parents will have interference at work from caring family issues. What’s the option to reduce these interferences?  Another example is with contagious COVID-19.  What’s the best way to avoid sickness?

Good health is a foundation for enhancing potential, i.e., eating right, sleeping at least 7 hours, and exercising are necessary. We must also develop emotional intelligence to manage triggered emotions and interpersonal relationships. When physical and emotional stability is in place, we will have the clarity to plan priorities, manage time, and explore options with a growth mindset.

What’s your vision about boosting your performance this year?

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