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Hsuan-Hua was an absolute gift to me when I was promoted to my first role as a Director in a new organization. I came to her with many insecurities, having had little experience as a manager or in a leadership position. Hsuan-Hua quickly helped me assess my strengths and areas of potential growth, and immediately assisted me in developing a new sense of confidence and understanding of how to operate in my new environment. I am very thankful for her help and grateful for the months that we worked together. I have had tangible results and my manager has remarked many times about the wonderful benefits that have come from my investment with an executive coach. Hsuan-Hua has a warm style and keen sense of what’s needed, easily diving to the core of issues. This has been time well spent.


Maridee O’Day,
Director of Business Systems at The DDC Group

Hsuan-Hua is an outstanding business coach and mentor. I’ve been fortunate enough to retain Hsuan-Hua as an adviser for my business SocialTagg and also as a personal executive coach. She has been an immense help in formulating our strategy, branding, and product direction. She’s also very friendly and motivates her students to keep learning! Whether you are a small business owner who needs a comprehensive view of how to run a business or a corporate executive who’d like to learn how to better lead their team, I’d recommend Hsuan-Hua to help you take your business to the next level!


Karim Varela,
Tinderizer & SocialTagger

Hsuan Hua is a joy to work with. I observe her in two capacities: that of a product manager and that of a business coach. In both endeavors she is dedicated, well educated, motivated, and committed to excellence. She seems to be on a tireless quest to increase her knowledge in both areas. She is passionate about technology and helping people find their potential.


Lori Ulm, Sr.
Product Development Manager at AT&T Mobility

I have been in a coaching relationship with Hsuan-Hua for the last 9 months. As a business coach and life coach. She is very keen on seeing patterns and calling attention to them so one is made more aware of things that may be holding them back. Her style is relaxed, eager to see progress and very organized. She has pushed me to set time frames and create models that have allowed me to accomplish long delayed plans and projects. I have recommended others to Hsuan-Hua for her expertise in the past and will continue to do so as I believe her skills as a coach are excellent.


Kari E.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Hsuan-Hua for the past three years. Hsuan-Hua is a dynamic leader with great self confidence and relationship skills. We have worked closely building the ICF Leadership Coaching Special Interest Group. It is a natural activity for her – she has excellent skills at understanding and being sensitive to people’s needs, and working through challenges to deliver. She is an excellent and established leadership coach who is always learning and incorporating new tools to assist her clients. I wholeheartedly recommend Hsuan-Hua for her leadership and coaching abilities.


Mario Puleo,
Leadership Coach and Management Consultant

Hsuan-hua was my coach in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program in 2004. I found her to be very engaged and passionate about coaching, yet she left the room that a coach needs to develop. She made many good suggestions, and we met from time to time even after the course was over. I can definitely recommend Hsuan-hua as a coach.


Barbara Inge Karsch,
Terminology Consultant & Trainer at BIK Terminology

Hsuan-hua provides great leadership insight through her classes. I was impressed with her dedication and feel that I will be able to grow as a leader from her classes.


Jaime Kemper,
Project Manager at AT&T Mobility

Hsuan-Hua is amazing! She expresses great energy, enthusiasm and creativity for any project I have been in collaboration with her. She is open, honest, highly flexible, and generous.


Fran Fisher,
Master Certified Coach, FJFisher Coaching and Consulting

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