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Just-in-time Career Coaching 

 December 3rd (Thursday) from 12:00pm to 12:30pm Zoom meeting 




Seeking for a career change? Having career challenges?

The purpose of the event is to support professionals who want to have a conversation about their career.

Hsuan-hua Chang, a strategic executive coach / career development consultant will facilitate the meeting.

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    Build Your Brand Workshop (December Career Discussion Circle)

    December 11th (Friday)  12pm – 1:30PM Zoom Meeting (90-minute for 3+ attendees; 60-minute for 1 or 2 attendees)


    Planning for a career change? Want to move up to the next level? Your brand matters. 

    The purpose of the event is to support professionals to be prepared for the next step in their careers.

    In this event, we will discuss Your Brand. We will network with people who are thinking or seeking a career change and support each other through discussions and brainstorming.


    Agenda for 3+ people

    • 15 minutes: Introduction
    • 45 minutes: Brandin
    • 15 minutes: Wrap up
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