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Build Your Brand (March Career Discussion Circle)


March 29th (Sunday from 2pm to 3:30pm Zoom meeting)




Seeking for a career change?

The purpose of the event is to support professionals in the Seattle area to be prepared for the next step in their careers.

In this event, we will discuss Your Brand. Branding matters for career transitions. We will discuss what branding is and how you can build your brand.

Hsuan-hua Chang, an executive/business coach and career development consultant will facilitate the meeting.


  • 15 minutes: Introduction
  • 60 minutes: Branding discussion
  • 15 minutes: Wrap up (other career related discussions)

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Build Your Brand (April Career Discussion Circle)

April 25th (Sat)  2pm – 3:30PM Zoom Meeting


Want to grow your business in 2020? 

EI is the fundation of our relationship strategies ad working habits. Could EI be the missing piece to grow your business?

In this event, we will discuss what EI is and how to leverage it to grow your business. This event will bring clarity and direction to your personal and professional life.


  • 15 minutes: Introduction
  • 15 minutes: EI explained
  • 45 minutes: Self reflection & action items planned towards your biz.
  • 15 minutes: Wrap up

This event registration fee will be donated to Mary’s place for helping homeless. 

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