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My Mother

Mom offered me many encouragements over the years. When I debated going for my MBA after my youngest entered college, she said, “It’s always good to learn and grow.” That statement has stuck with me since.

When I studied emotional intelligence, I realized the gift she gave to me – secure attachment.  Her sensitivity towards my needs made me feel “seen,” “safe,” “soothed,” and “secure.” That paved the path for me to grow confident and resilient.

When my kids and I tested as conceptual thinkers with the burning question, “Do I see all of the possibilities?” I know it’s on her.  Her funny, loving, and creative way of interacting with her kids and grandkids guided us to explore ideas with curiosity and passion. (We also all scored on structure thinking preference, and that’s on me. 😄)

She passed 3 years ago. We miss her. ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! ❤️❤️

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