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Decision Making

Do you like to make decisions? Are you in the middle of making a decision? What is your strategy?

Decision-making is about evaluating options and trade-offs. We watch it done all the time, such as when businesses decide to re-organize or lay off, team leaders decide to develop a team or only push for results, and people decide to stay in a toxic working place or look for other opportunities.

How to make a decision is a strategy. How to execute the decision is a strategy implementation. The vision and the emotional states of decision-makers, their influencers, and the circumstances all impact the formulation and implementation of the strategy.

If you are about to make a big decision, a couple of tips to keep in mind

  • A strategy has multiple levels and is an adaptive process. Evaluate one level at a time.
    For example, exploring the job market is a strategy. Getting interviewed is a strategy implementation. Considering an offer is a strategy. Negotiating an offer is a strategy implementation.
  • Before working on a new strategy, evaluate the current implementation/execution first.
    For example, how well did my team manage the crisis of outage? Do I have the right talents in the team? What new strategy needs to be in place for the next outage management?

What decision are you making? Are these tips helpful?

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