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Choose How You Want to Live with Intention

Our environment is very toxic; air, water, and various cleaning products for our home or ourselves. At the same time, our stress runs high in this uncertain and fast-changing time. Stress hormones add more toxins to our bodies.

Our detox organs are designed to detox toxins. When they are overloaded, toxins start to accumulate in our bodies and can create all kinds of health issues. And in turn, doctors will prescribe medication to address those health issues, which often increases the workload for our detox organs. It’s a bad cycle, which might explain some Covid problems we are seeing. We don’t have enough detox bandwidth to fight it.

When I do energy work, the most toxins I see are heavy metals from drinking tap water, mold toxins from home, stress hormones toxins, and Omicron BA5 recently.

It’s easy to get tap water filtered, and many people do. But we often forget to change the filter. Spending 30 minutes exercising can release stress and help detox, but we don’t make time. We tend to forget that consuming fresh vegetables and fruits is to help detox.

We run our detox organs to the floor and then get BA5 or other viruses. That’s the time your body has little support to heal.

How do you want to live? You get to choose.

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