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A New Perspective from a Spiritual Journey

The more I practice energy work, the more I learn how interconnected everything/everyone is. I start to make sense of some personal experiences with a new perspective.

  • I was sitting in the living room with my mom in March 1980. It’s a good day with sunshine coming through the windows. Suddenly, her face turned pale. I asked if anything was ok.  “Yes,” she gently replied. Half an hour later, we received the shocking news that my brother was seriously injured. I think, energetically, she knew the moment he was hurt. He passed away a couple of days later.
  • When I moved into my home 10 years ago, my career became challenged. It lasted over a year, and the stress started damaging my health. One day, intuitively, I decided to move my bedroom furniture all around 360 degrees. A week later, I landed a better job. Something happened energetically. And I should mention that I was poorly rear-ended the following day after moving furniture around. Looking back, some energy was disrupted for sure.

I have an analytical mind and always seek the credibility of data. Energy work showed me that sometimes, there is no data to explain what I am experiencing, and it’s OK. I am traveling a spiritual journey, and I am very grateful for the people on the journey with me.

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