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A Glimpse into LinkedIn AI Strategy

Recently, I noticed a discussion about executive coaching on Linkedin. So, I checked it out. It’s AI-generated content, and LinkedIn made it clear to the readers ethically.

The discussion also asked for input. Why not? I am an experienced executive coach. So, I contributed. A few days later, I got an invitation to contribute on a different topic. I am sure that AI learned I had something to say.

This brings me a glimpse into LinkedIn’s AI strategy. As a busy platform, LinkedIn has obtained much user-generated content over the years, which is an advantage to leveraging the data for AI products. When more data is collected on specific topics named collaborative articles, LinkedIn marries human and AI content and could offer richer AI products.

It’s a smart strategy with a coherent story. First of all, the recognition is in place, such as, “Contribute to at least 3 more articles in Executive Coaching to be eligible to earn a profile badge.” and the invite “You are one of the few people we are invited to contribute.” Then, the notification process works well to leverage the contributor’s connections. Lastly, a friendly UI design for collaborative articles makes it easy to contribute to a specific topic and other topics.

What are your thoughts about the strategy?

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