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2023 Reflection and 2024 Theme

In the movie Maestro, Serge Koussevitzky advised Leonard Bernstein to conduct his life in such a way that when he came out of the stage to lead his orchestra, he could truthfully say to himself, “My life and my work are clean.”

As a coach, I also invite my clients to attend to their personal and professional lives equally because we can’t compartmentalize our lives and expect powerful synergy from their alignments.

To walk the talk, I do my best to conduct my personal life so that I show up in every coaching session clean; i.e. being grounded with clarity and compassion.

Towards year-end, this could be an inquiry to reflect – Are your life and work as clean as you want to be?

Another question –

Towards a new beginning, what are you running towards?

Running to me is an energetic expression of “can’t wait!”. Maybe walking towards is a better expression for you. Take your pick!

I am running towards “flow”. It symbolizes effortlessness. I won’t focus on particular goals and will flow with what is presented. I remind myself to expect the unexpected with ease and grace.

Oneness is my word for 2023. The theme served me well. I am more integrated with my body, mind, spirit, and energy. I have built stronger connections with a few people, my family, and my clients.

Do you have a word to describe a theme for 2024?

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