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Who You Choose to Be in the State of Unsettlement

We are in a state of anxiety, conflict, and unsettlement after the pandemic. The bully culture runs high. People are more emotional and want to attack others who don’t share the same thoughts or beliefs. They either label people or threaten people with the intention of silencing them. Our society is divided.

When we look around, many people are either unemployed or burned out from overwork. Many lost their loved ones, physical health, or mental stability. Many live in fear and scarcity. It’s a society of the powerless.

Our energy is contagious. How we want to live depends on how we contribute to the dynamics in the family, at the workplace, in social media, and with other people, known or unknown.

What state are you in? If you are stable, how can you contribute to our society so it embraces more positivity and acceptance? If you are not in a good state, how can you take care of yourself and not let emotions take over?

Sun will always rise, and we will become part of history. Who do you choose to be?

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