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One thing I like to ask both myself and clients is, “What lesson have you learned from the challenges you’ve faced?” Now that it is nearing the end of year, it seems like a good idea to ask a similar question: “What lessons have I learned throughout the year?”

I learned that outside of helping me develop my business skills, my MBA class nurtured me tremendously; I learned that I have become a digital evangelist for new technologies; I learned about my elderly parents’ strength while we traveled in London; I learned about my children’s dream while watching them discover more about themselves and the lives they lead; I learned that I always had a mentor or a coach in my colleagues or friends when I reached out to them; I learned that life unfolds at its own pace and that we cannot rush it.

2013 will be the year that I am clear about how I will measure my life as well as how I allocate my resources.


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