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What I Have Embraced for 2021

To reflect on 2021 ….


I’ve embraced my intuition to integrate energy healing into my coaching. 

Those who leveraged it were ready to explore balancing body, mind, and spirit with me. It’s an Inspiring process!


I’ve embraced my curiosity.

I have been exploring diverse perspectives on various covid topics, relating these perspectives to my energy work findings, and forming insights.

It’s a satisfying learning process!


I’ve embraced water. 

I have become a stronger swimmer. I discover my physical misalignments during swimming and balance them in the pool. I also practiced narrative release through breathing in and out.

It’s a fun and healing process!


I’ve embraced trust with my family, friends, colleagues, clients, and self. 

I’ve been learning to let it be when people/things are not ready.

It’s a bit of a struggling and yet evolving process!


I am sending positive energy to those who are part of my 2022!

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