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Well-being is one of my coaching focuses. When my clients can think clearly, they can sustain effective leadership, productivity, and fulfillment. Well-being channels that clarity.

I often inquire about my client’s balance in body, mind, and energy balance when addressing well-being. Imbalance in each area can create general health issues; for example, energy imbalance can distort our energy fields and affect our physiology and mental health.

Our body has an innate rhythm to correct imbalances when we are healthy. When well-being is not in place, an imbalance will not be corrected; it will start to build up, and minor symptoms will start to appear. When imbalance continues to escalate, symptoms might become chronic. The next stage is sickness with organ/gland dysfunction with multiple symptoms. It can lead to complicated organ/gland damage. The burnout stage usually reaches the sickness or a complicated stage.

Trapped emotions (including stress), negative beliefs, such as “I am not good enough,” toxins (food, water, environment, drugs, heavy metal), system misalignments, and pathogens all contribute to an imbalance of body, mind, and energy.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) states in its ethics code that as long as an agreement is reached between a coach and a client, a coach can work with clients using various modalities with transparency. That’s how coaches can incorporate well-being into coaching to support our clients holistically.

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