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Appreciate Dr. Daniel Siegel‘s discussion on how the interplay between our minds, brains, and relationships contributes to our well-being.

Mind – the process that regulates the energy information flow
Brain – a mechanism by which the energy and information flow throughout the whole body
Relationship – energy, and information shared between people or among people

What do they share in common? Energy and information!
Together, they form a triangle of human experience!

Learning from Daniel Siegel’s attachment lecture –

Attachment is where we begin life!

Different forms of attachment are established as an adaptation to experience early in life that can influence one’s inner experience and interpersonal experience later in life.

It is an incredible source of empirical knowledge about the power of the relationship to either promote the integration of wellbeing or compromise it.

4 attachment categories are as follows:

  • Security – coherent self
  • Avoidance – disconnect self
  • Ambivalence – confused self
  • Disorganization – fragmented self

Many of us have different attachments with different people so we carry them forward to different contexts.

The good news is that our brains are open to change throughout our life span and we can use our minds to help integrate our own brains and support the development of other people’s brains through relationship integration.

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