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While I was in a leadership coaching training last year, a homework was given to ask us to choose a new physical activity. I chose swimming, even though I had always been afraid of the water. I had learned to do the backstroke years ago and I still didn’t feel safe in the water. I wanted to be able to enjoy the water.


I checked out the pool in my gym. It was 4-feet deep over the entire length. I could stand up anytime. Rather than using chlorine, the pool used salt so I wouldn’t get chlorine damage to my hair or skin. It’s a perfect pool for me. When I started to practice, it was still quite a struggle. Emotionally, it took time to trust that I would be ok in the water. I kept going and it started to get easier and easier. After 5 months, I finally learned to relax in the water and was able to float. While floating, I feel like I am being hugged by the water. That’s a wonderful feeling. I feel my body and the water become one.

Through this homework, I realized that when I let go of fear, I experienced freedom and joy. I learned that no one could have helped me to let go of fear. I had to be ready to do that. And there was no easy way to let go of fear. It took courage and persistence to get through it.

What fear in your life do you want to manage? Could it be a decision about a relationship? Could it be a conversation that needs to happen? A request?  An adventure? A truth to see? A truth to tell? Are you ready to do it?

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