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Visual Metaphors

I have been in the Visual Metaphors class led by Pejman Milan for the last two weeks and truly enjoy the learning.

The class started with addressing limiting beliefs. Since Art was always my lowest grade throughout my school years, you can understand my limiting belief – “drawing is not my thing.”

Luckily, this class is not about drawing. It’s about using minimal art to convey a message clearly through leveling up our visual awareness and problem-solving focus to create a memorable visual.

One of our assignments is about observing an object or an idea to unlock more doors to make a connection, contradiction, or correction insight. I chose to examine my 2024 theme, “flow,” which gave me more insight.

In summary, “flow” doesn’t have a general shape; it can’t be molded into a thing; it feels like flying with the wind and interacts with energy fields. It appears in relationships, conversations, coaching sessions, writing, or swimming. Love the Assignment!

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