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Using Emotional Intelligence to Support Your Energy and Physical Wellbeing

One of my coaching focuses is Emotional Intelligence (EI) development since emotions move us forward and can also block us from moving forward. Recently, I started to see how emotional regulation supports our well-being through the lens of energy work I have been practicing. Here are my insights.

Our capacities to access emotions allow us to feel certain emotions stronger or not at all. An example is out ability to access #anger and #shame. Under stress, when something goes wrong, if we feel shame much faster than anger, we tend to point fingers at ourselves “I should have” or “I could have”; If we feel anger much faster than shame, we tend to point fingers at others. That’s how we react to these two emotions if our ability to access them is relatively different.

Energetically, when these emotions are not processed, they appear in our energy field as “curses.” A #curse is a strong negative energy that either comes from another person or from one’s own subconscious mind. A curse usually comes with a cord. A #cord is a direct negative energy connection between two people or between us and our subconscious mind. Cords can cause people to become irritated with each other or create codependency in relationships.

When we are angry at someone, energetically, we are sending curses and building negative cords with that person. It hurts both people’s energy bodies as well as damages physical health. When we feel shameful about ourselves, we send curses to ourselves and build cords with our subconscious mind, which also hurts our energy and physical bodies.

Therefore, it’s very important to process emotions by naming them to acknowledge and release them so they are not shot out as curses. This is part of EI development work. I always remind my clients to do a physical movement to release an emotion so that their energy can be shifted; in turn, their reactions will be shifted.

When a person tends to blame himself, usually, there is a #narrative associated with a challenging event in the past. The memory of the event usually was stuck in our energy field and can be released energetically. And we might also need to do narrative #release work to sustain the energy release work.

In summary, our emotions go hand-to-hand with our energy, and our energy goes hand-to-hand with our physical and mental health. Using a holistic approach to address them all will support healing.

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