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I got a hammock and shared the news with a friend happily “I always wanted one”. She asked "Where do you put it?” I replied quickly “My patio”. She said with a sorry voice “You have no privacy, then”.  


Guess what? When I lay on the hammock, I feel like I am on the beach. I can see the sky and feel the breeze. Do I care about privacy on the beach? 🙂


My friend has a subjective truth – when you lay on the hammock, you need privacy. She projected her subjective truth to me as THE truth (objective truth) without thinking if that’s true for me.


How many times in our life did we project our subjective truth to others and expected them to see it as THE truth? We probably told our kids many truths we believed and they found out it’s not THE truth when they grow older. For example, we probably told them “if I can do it, you can do it" without thinking it could be not true.


Only when we can differentiate between a subjective truth and an objective truth, we can have clarity.

Life with clarity is a good one!

Leaders with clarity are the ones who can inpsire their people to do extraordinary things!


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