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Dave Logan spoke for the ICF Leadership Coaching SIG on “Tribal Leadership” today.

He categorized 5 tribal stages at the work place – – Stage One’s theme is “Life sucks”; Stage Two “My life sucks”; Stage Three “I am great and you are not”; Stage Four “we are great and they are not” and Stage Five “Life is great”.


Stage Three tribal represents 49% of workplace in the USA. That means while people often preach the need for teams, their behavior shows that they discourage teaming – unless it is a situation where they can be the star. Performance review system makes the culture more individualistic. They attempt to ouperform each other and put each other down. The language they use expresses “I am great.” and in the background unstated – is “and you are not”.  They hoard information to keep power. They attempt to ouperform each other and put each other down. They rely on gossip and spies for political information. They are hungry for tips, tools and technical that will keep them more efficient. They talk about values and focus on “my values”. The cost is that they have many blind spots, don’t have enough time and don’t get enough support. They can’t get to the next level.


The purpose of the book is to build great companies, and this means getting you and your tribe to Stage Four – 22% of the workplace. They walk in values and want to collaborate. They are happy, inspired, and genuine and identify with each other. They work less and produce more.They communicate more information, more often and with transparency.


Dave did a great job to explain the Tribal Leadership and the book is worth reading for anyone who wants to move up from his current cooperation culture.

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