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Transitions are processes that involve making decisions and adapting to changes. In our lives, we go through many transitions. While some may be easier than others,  they all challenge our confidence in different ways.

We might feel powerless about certain transitions that we have no control over, yet we can still make choices that move us forward. We might feel empowered by the transitions we choose to take on, yet we might wonder why they’re so much harder to go through than we anticipated.

Though it might be great to have outside reassurance and guidance during a transition, I’ve learned that sometimes faith is our best support. My faith- the belief that the universe will take care of the rest when I have done my best- has helped me navigate the most difficult transitions in my life with grace and resilience.

For example, transitioning to the USA as a foreign student came with many challenges to overcome: from language to culture, loneliness to socialization, and to computer science study itself. Under the pressure of limited finances, a heavy course load, and the burden of separation from my family and friends across the Pacific Ocean, l second guessed my choices from time to time.

One year later, I found I had evolved into a stronger young woman. Not only was I on top of my school work, I also became a math tutor, the first Chinese student to take on this position on campus. Through commitment and faith, I found a connection to my own internal power- something that has proven invaluable to me to this day.

Often times, when those around us are in a transitional phase, our inclination is to try to guide them through our own lens. Though well intended, sometimes this drive to “help” may end up robbing them of necessary experiences in their own unique processes.

As a friendly reminder, remember that when you are in a position to support someone going through transitions, your role is to facilitate their connection to their own wisdom and faith, not to impose your own. By keeping this in mind, both of you will truly practice the quote, “A real leader creates leaders.”

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