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Toxins Reduce Your Immunity

Omicron is a highly contagious virus and all of us will be exposed to it sooner or later.

Building a stronger immune system is a key to getting ready.

Balanced diets, regular exercises, and good sleep will support our immunity. At the same time,  there are a few other things to pay attention to.

1 – Stress toxins:

Stress creates stress hormone toxins and they reduce our immunity. Therefore stress management is critical right now.

A few tips about managing stress:

  • Taking short breaks during your intensive work
  • Practicing deep breathing or meditation when you feel stressed
  • Exercising self-awareness and self-management; for example, managing emotions by naming the emotion triggered and doing a physical movement to shift the energy; for example, I am anxious (naming the emotion) and open your arms to let go (a physical action)

2 – Heavy metal toxins:

We can get heavy metals toxins from our food, water, dental work, or vaccinations. Heavy metal toxins reduce our immunity.


  • Drinking filtered water; most of the tap water has heavy metals
  • Taking it easy on spices; some have heavy metals. Check out this article about herbs and spices toxins
  • Taking it easy on smoking. Cigarette smoke will bring cadmium to your system.

3 – Microbial poison:

Some pathogens create toxins as a byproduct of their own metabolism and existence in the body; for example, mold, bacteria or viruses. It can produce acid and causes joint and muscle pain.


  • Drinking plenty of filtered water to flush out the poison
  • Exercising to release the toxin

4 – Drug toxins

Your daily medication or supplements can add toxins to your body. For example, vitamin D toxicity can cause health issues over time. Check out this article on vitamin D over-usage.

Our detox organs have their capacities and will not be able to detox quickly enough when there are too many of them.  The toxins in our body can create health issues and will also reduce our immunity.

We have to learn to live with Omicron. Take care of your health to fight for Omicron and incoming Covid variants.

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