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I want to echo my coach Steve Mitten’s “Do What you love” blog at 

“Do only what you love. Love everything you do” is such a great expression for a life I want to live.

When I was excited about a coaching event and shared my enthusiasm with my teen, she said “it’s so good to see people do what they love to do.”

I started to see something I didn’t see before…

As a parent, have you ever talked to your kids about their future? … “if you do well in school, you can go to college, get a good job and have a good life.”

At the same time, have you ever shared with your kids .. “I just can’t wait to retire!” … from the good job you got?

Bryon Katie wrote “The teacher we need most are the people we are living with now. Our spouses, parents, and children are the clearest masters we could hope for. Again and again, they will show us the truth we don’t want to see, until we see it.”

What’s the truth we don’t want to see?

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