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Editorial note: This article appeared in Linkedin on July 31st, 2016

When I am intentional,

I walk with my tail bone tucked in, every step firmly on the ground.

I breathe deeply from my lungs, and I smile with joy from the heart.

When I am intentional,

I look in your eyes, listen to your words, and sense what your body is telling.

I interact with everyone’s energy and set clear boundary to take care of mine.

When I am intentional,

I am clear about my mission and inspired by the possible outcomes of my work.

I manage my own emotions and manage my relationships with empathy and compassion.

When I am intentional,

I am present to the world I am living in, giving generously, and unafraid of receiving.

I understand the needs of others and accept the fact that the only person I can control is me.

How do I stay intentional?

I eat right, sleep enough, exercise, and count my blessings.

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