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Scott Eblin, an effective executive coach and the author of “The Next Level: What Insiders Know about Executive Success”, spoke to the ICF Leadership Coaching Special Interest Group on May 5th. He shared his experience helping the executive take on the next opportunity. In order to create a different result at a higher position, there are skills one has to pick up and let go in personal presence, team presence and organizational presence. For example, picking up confidence and letting go of doubt in a personal presence and letting go of personal responsibility and picking up accountability in a team presence.

According to Scott, picking up new skills is easier for most of the executives since it uses cognitive skills to learn something new. Letting go is harder since it involves emotion and there is a lot of discomfort and fear.

Executive coaches can catch the coaching moment and find out if the shift was made from relying on their own skills instead of relying on their team. Do they spend less time on the day to day issues and spend more time on strategy? So we coach the executive to reflect, “Given the role that I am in, what is it that only I can do?” It should be a short and high impact list.

Check out the 19 Coachable moments in the 2nd edition of the book “The Next Level” and/or subscribe to Scott’s blogs for more insights.

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