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“Leaders cast a significant shadow in the organizations.” “Leaders reinforce their positive as well as negative traits by unconsciously rewarding some employee behaviors while discouraging or ignoring others.” “It takes great leaders to develop great leaders.” ~ The Extraordinary Leader by John Zenger & Joseph Folkman.


What hit me today was parents cast a significant shadow at home too. Like any other leader, we develop our kids as we develop ourselves. Our limitation would be our children’s limitation. And it takes great parents to develop great future parents.


“Superiors should think more consciously of the role they play in people’s lives and careers, and the legacy they will leave once they are gone.” ~ Extraordinary Leadership.


This statement makes the leadership coaching extremely meaningful and fulfilling for me. When I think the legacy I will  leave behind throuhg the work I do with the leaders and the contribution to the people they lead, I am inspired.


Hsuan-hua Chang; Certified Professioal Coach 

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