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In the last four days, I have been working with three peers to get a presentation ready for a meeting.

We haven’t worked closely before. In addition to our regular job duties, we worked extra hours; taking turns to contribute to the slides. We naturally came together as a team because we shared the same vision. We wanted to create a win-win for our company and customers by leading a conversation on the industry trend, market needs and calling for actions. We worked in an open space where the new ideas and different perspectives flow freely. That leads to positive energy, innovation and productivity. We ended up creating a great presentation.

I haven’t worked in such a space for a long time and truly enjoyed it. I think this could be every leader’s dream team. Could a leader build such a team strategically? Or does a team have to get “right” members to work together?

It seems there is always a team spirit. We either fit in or we don’t. When we do, we are energized. When we don’t and we settle, work is not an enjoyable experience any more.

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