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Team Coaching

I attended an International Systemic Team Coaching certificate training by Professor Peter Hawkins and Dr. Catherine Carr this week.

Lots of learning was packed into three-day training. The systemic team coach works with the team and its members to build their collective leadership, helping them to co-create value in their stakeholder engagement. It’s pretty fun to work with a real and complex case to practice our learning in real-time and get timing feedback from our teachers and colleagues.

I also learned a lot by observing different coaching styles and team dynamics. When a team coach is too active, he/she can overpower the team and take over the team’s accountabilities. When a team coach gives ownership to the team and becomes less directive, he/she can lose the opportunity to re-direct the team. Balancing the two is an art that takes courage, confidence, and experience.

At this uncertain time, systemic team coaching will provide value for challenged organizations to get alignment between teams and create value for all the stakeholders.

I work with all of my coaching clients on Linkedin branding. The primary reason is to set up a foundation for their career/business development – to be visible about who they are and what they are up to. The other purpose is for personal development. It’s difficult to speak up on a platform where you don’t know who is reading and what reaction you will get. To have the courage and confidence to be visible requires personal growth (different perspectives).

On the first day of the Systemic Team Coaching class, Professor Peter Hawkins asked, “What can we uniquely do that the world of today and tomorrow so urgently needs?” That hit home for me. I got an answer for my hesitant clients. When we focus on “we – the needs of the world,” we are free from the concern of “I – what people think of me.”

Another of Peter’s questions – “What’s the truth that needs spoken?”  When we speak our truth, we make connections, learn from each other, influence each other, and grow together.  That’s the beauty of sharing. A different perspective! Remember – silence doesn’t build connections!

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