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Shadow Inquiry

I completed my Shadow Inquiry course with Aman. It’s pretty intensive learning because shadow work focuses on exploring and integrating the unconscious aspect of ourselves. Being in touch with our psyche’s hidden dimension is tricky.

There are different ways to access shadows: dream analysis, hypnosis, meditation, or therapy. Noticing our triggers can also be an effective way. I will give an example of what just happened this weekend.

I was triggered by Marshall Goldsmith’s post, “A leader without vision is like a blind man leading the blind.” My first thought – Is the leader the only one who has vision? What about visionary team members? While driving with my daughter, I asked, “Trigger usually shows a shadow. What do you think my shadow is about the post?”  “Could it be your leaders did not value your vision?” she replied spontaneously. That’s right on.

I had a very bad experience when my leaders did not share my vision. During the year I implemented my vision, all I heard were negative comments and doubts. When I successfully delivered my vision, the top leader commented, “I didn’t say no.” That’s a wound I thought it’s healed, and it still hurts when triggered.

Shadows can be our fears, unresolved traumas, suppressed emotions, or the part of ourselves we didn’t want to accept. When we bring these hidden aspects to light, acknowledge them, and integrate them into our conscious awareness, we can be our authentic selves and stand in our power to be whole.

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