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Setting Boundaries

Two things are happening this week.

  • New year strategic planning has been triggered from the leadership team to employees for execution.
  • New year traffic at the gym slowed down.

These two things feel irrelevant, and yet, they are.

First of all, the leadership team wants more done with fewer resources. As long as you accommodate them by working 12 to 16 hours daily, they don’t know they are out of touch with reality. It’s your job to set their expectation with a reasonable workload. Saying Yes doesn’t mean job security and shows you have no intention of self-care.

Self-care brings clarity, creativity, and productivity. Continue what you wanted to do at the beginning of the year. It only takes seven weeks to form a habit. This is your 6th or 7th week. Hanging there and don’t walk away because you have too much to do at work.

Yes. It is harder to say No when your boss is going to give you that promotion. In that case, work with a coach or someone who can support you to avoid burnout.

“Saying no is to turn down a request; not a rejection to the person.”

I enjoyed listening to this LinkedIn learning, “Learning to Say No with Confidence and Grace.”

Here are a few good tips to check out…

  • “Distinguish healthy guilt vs. unhealthy guilt.”
  • “How to help others without overextending yourself.”
  • “Deliver a NO clearly and effectively.”
  • “Manage pushback through active listening.”
  • “Healthy guilt vs. unhealthy guilt”
  • “Help others without over-extending yourself.”
  • “Build confidence to say no.”
  • “Deliver a no clearly and effectively.”
  • “Manage pushback through active listening and allow them to see your decision making.”
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