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My children’s grandfather passed away yesterday. Luckily we said goodbye to him two weeks ago when he was still alert.

Today, reading my daughter’s memory of him, I was very touched by his presence in her life.

To me, he was a very smart man whose family was important to him. He was also an excellent English professor.  I felt that he knew who I was even when I was a newly arrived foreign student who had just started to be friends with his son. He respected and appreciated me.

This is what was shared at his funeral,  “I remembered when you took me to get my driver’s license. When I sat in the car with the examiner, I forgot to put the car into drive. I stepped on the gas pedal, but the car wouldn’t move. Shocked, I looked out the window and there you were, smiling at me. At that moment, Having realized my mistake, I smiled back and returned my attention to the driving test. I put the car into drive. Thanks for always being there for our family with a smile!”

He will always be in our memories.

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