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We live in a fast changing world. So much information flows in the internet. We work, take care of family or fill our life with a busy schedule. Then, we get overwhelmed and have a lower tolerance to the external environment. Emotions are easily triggered and we quickly dump the anxiety and anger. It seems to help us keep our sanity but our relationships might suffer.

I have often thought about “Remember Rule number 6” when I observed myself or someone else dumping emotions onto others. Rule Number 6 is ‘don’t take yourself so damn seriously.It came from the book “The Art of Possibility” by Ben and Rosamund Zander. If we don’t take things so personally and become a better observer of the world, we would be able to lighten up and enjoy our lives more.

One of my friends recently passed away. She was beautiful, smart and vibrant. She died from an aneurism and left behind two young sons. I remember on one occasion, she had been accused of something that she didn’t agree with. She was hurt and very upset while she was sharing the story with me. Now, looking back, it was an insignificant incident relative to her short life.

What is the most significant thing for you in life? When would you like to use Rule number 6?

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