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Good read – “The Power of Regret” by Daniel Pink.

Daniel said, “Regret offers us the ultimate redemption narrative.” He quoted Dan McAdams’s research work that people with narratives rooted in redemption are generally more satisfied and accomplished, and rate their lives as meaningful.

How to redeem our narrative through regret? Daniel suggested – looking backward to move forward, seizing what we can control and putting aside what we can’t, crafting our own redemption stories. And it can be liberating.

The Regret Optimization Framework holds that we should devote time and effort to anticipate 4 categories of regrets. But anticipating regrets outside these categories is usually not worthwhile.

The four categories are as follows:

  • Foundation: being responsible, conscientious, or prudent
  • Boldness: speaking up and stepping up
  • Moral: doing the right thing
  • Connection: pushing past the awkwardness and reaching out

People who second guess themselves and have a hard time making a decision can leverage this framework to move on.

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