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2011 was a significant year for me. 

My trip to Ghana in March was so memorable that the vibrant colors still appear in my dreams. Hardcore street salesmen, responsible tour bus driver, crowded night markets, beautiful arts, spiritual dancing and the Hawaii like coast will always in my mind.

Completion of the advanced course in Longevitology 長生學  in April enabled me to be a healer. I learned to forgive as fast as I could to ensure my energy flow and I still have a lot of learning to do. The Master teacher’s grace, generosity and life mission inspired me.

CloudExpo trips in June and November enriched my learning and networking for Cloud Computing. I feel good that I listened to my intuition about making the trips.

My children’s grandpa passed away in July reminded me to “seize the moment” with my loved ones.

Blogging for the AT&T Network Exchange blog since August grew my authorship. Learning, knowledge sharing and self-expression are among my top values.  Blogging fulfilled them.

A speaking opportunity at the 2011 “Global Cloud and Mobile” conference in October reminded me that I often commanded the room when I made a presentation. Since then, I have started to seek speaking opportunities.

Great MBA courses prepared me for a bigger task and the nurturing environment provided me the energy I needed every time I went to my classes.

I have completed 2011 with an appreciation of my personal and professional growth.

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