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Professor Randy Pausch passed away with the Last Lecture impact to the world. He said “I often see life is a game. It’s all depends how you choose to play it”. At the age of 47, being a dad of 3 young children, he chose to have fun with the days left when doctor said he only had a short time to live.


We often live life as if life is not going to end. We complain we can’t lose weight when we don’t want to exercise more and eat less.  We don’t enjoy our work and don’t want to find another one. We are not satisfied with our relationships and don’t feel like create something new. We love our children and we don’t have time to get into their world. We want to wait until retirement to do things we love to do.  We want to live safely and envy the ones who live life freely.  What if we know we only have 3 months left to live? Will we live life differently? Why won’t we live life as if we don’t have much time left? Now, what’s the first thing you want to do differently?

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