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Raise Self-Awareness through Subconscious Mind Work

Last month, many of my coaching sessions were focused on deepening the understanding of emotions’ impacts on personal and professional life.

When noticing

  • What has triggered an emotion?
  • What emotion is triggered?
  • What is a default reaction activated?

We raise our self-awareness.

Emotional intelligence is knowing and managing our emotions, recognizing others’ emotions, and working in relationships. It’s about self-awareness, other-awareness, self-management, and relationship management.

Some emotions are hidden deeply in our subconscious mind. For example, we made a false statement about ourselves after experiencing a challenging event at 2 years old. That statement still has power over our emotions at 60.

Working on accessing that level of awareness and letting go of the false statement and associated emotions is a straightforward process as long as the subconscious mind is ready and gives permission.

I always feel blessed and fulfilled by watching my clients feel relieved and open to new possibilities after our work.

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