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I used NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to prepare my book promotion tonight.

1. I pasted an NFC tag to my book cover. The tag included a link pointing to my Author page at


2. My phone displayed my Amazon Author page when I tapped the phone to the tag. (Note: Most of the smartphones have this capability.)


3. I also pasted an NFC tag on one of my business cards.


4. When my business card is tapped by an NFC-enabled phone, my Author page at Amazon will be displayed on the phone screen.


You can decide what information you want embedded in an NFC tag; for example, a website URL, a coupon or information about a product. It’s up to you where to place your tag; for example, on a poster, in your car or under a table. Information can be written into a tag if you have the right tools. There are vendors that provide NFC tags with embedded information or finished products; for example, NFC business cards. In the near future, Amazon self-publishing authors will be offered the option to order a book with NFC tags embedded on covers or pages.

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