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“Level 5 leaders look out the window to attribute success to factors other than themselves. When things go poorly, however, they look in the mirror and blame themselves, taking full responsibility.” (Good to Great)

When performance reviews determine promotion and merit increase, ambitious ones tend to grab credits quickly and point fingers faster. Working in such an enviroment, people start to lose trust, respect and commitment. The performance of the company will not be great. The book, Accountability, by Rob Lebow, pointed out that performance reviews are one of the controls work place put in place to destroy accountabilities.

Our next generation chooses their college classes based on the professor rating published on the internet. Do you think they will stay with a leader who drives to positions of power and steps forth to claim excess credits?  

“Every good-to-great company had Level 5 leadership during the pivotal transition years. And many people have the potential to evolve into Level 5”.(Good to Great)

People development and leadership training indeed are critical factors of a company’s success.

Hsuan-hua Chang, Leadership coach, ACC

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