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"Just as nature has its seasons – time to plant, tend, harvest and lay fallow – so too does powerful coaching. There are times when the client is best served by digging deep and exploring possibilities. There is a time to call the client forth, set accountabilities and move into action. There are times when a coach simply needs to support a client who is fully into implementation. There are times of celebration; and times where a client requires space to reflect and renew.

A wise coach meets a client where they are, and guides them forward through the seasons of change; showing up exactly as the client needs for the season they are moving into."

This note was from Steve Mitten – current ICF president and a master coach.

I read this note right after an argument with my teen. I was upset. Then, I cooled down from feeling like a victim and started to see how I didn’t meet my teen where she was and how I could have guided her forward.

As a coach and a mom through 2 other teens, I will continue to remind myself "who I am being so my kids get to shine and reflect?"

Hsuan-hua Chang, Certified Professional Coach

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