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My client talked to me about “owning a project”. In his mind, owning a project meant keeping it in his
territory and getting all of the credits at the end. Therefore,
He worked very hard to own a few high profile projects. He worked all the time and he was exhausted. He is not alone. Quite a few managers operate this way in big corporations.

I asked his thought on a Level 5 leader who gave
credits to his team when a project went well and was willing to be accountable
when the project went poorly. He became silent and then he asked to borrow the book “Good to
Great” by Jim Collins.

This is not about a right way. Everyone operates the way that has been working for them. When they ever experience the power of a team and the honor received from his/her team, they would not want to lose the experience.

Could it be possible that there is no difference between ownership and leadership?

"Every good-to-great company had Level 5 leadership during the
pivotal transition years and many people have the potential to evolve into Level 5." ~ Good to Great.

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