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What I learned from my oldest child was that my own personal growth was extremely important to my family.  In order to support my family, I started my personal development and ended up being a trained leadership coach and able to make a difference to many lives.

What I learned from my son was the power of being a true leader. His 6th grade teacher called him a “gentle giant” since he was able to influence his friends in a gentle way.  During a hockey game, I noticed that only his lips were moving when players were in a circle and realized that he was the captain. To him, captain was just a title. His power was in his leadership.

What I learned from my youngest child was the power of social media. She was in charge of a community with more than 300 members since Jr. High. She chatted with more than five people using IM simultaneously. She was a part of video in YouTube in response to the It Gets Better campaign called Reteaching Gender and Sexuality. She uses Facebook to connect with her friends.

When she went to college, I started to use Facebook to be able to see her life. By coincidence, the Facebook account at my work landed in my hands. I started to study Facebook and built a fan page.  I am integrating social media tools to attract traffic to our website. The next thing I am going to do is use YouTube to post a viedo.

Without my children, I would not have gone so far with my personal development, leadership training and social media interest. Byron Katie said that the people closest to us are sent to be our teachers. I truly believe that our children are sent to us so we can grow with them.

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