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We wrapped up the Operations and Project Management course with team presentations a couple of hours ago. In the last ten weeks, we worked with a corporation on a pilot product feasibility study. We put many hours into the project to collect and analize data.

Tonight, we presented our analysis and recommendations to a team from the corporation and answered their questions. They were very pleased with our outstanding work.

The experience has been an extraordinary one with many facets: Surya Pathak, the committed professor who has been assessable and passionate; Bob Bernstein, the authentic mentor who challenged us; Amol Natu, the team leader who demonstrated servant leadership and Julie Dimeo, Manoj Raheja and Joseph Shang, the open-minded teammates with talents and wisdom.

Applying what we learned on the project supported us to deepen our learning.  I started to appreciate Operations and Processes. Process strategy, analysis and capacity planning took a lot of brain power and math. Lean Systems and Supply Chain design are challenging and interesting when considering human factors.

The result of team work is unbeatable by one individual. Everyone on the team plays a part towards building the team. Yet, the leader is a key factor for successful team work.

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