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OpenAI CEO Transition

Sam Altman was fired as OpenAI CEO last Friday. Today (Monday), Microsoft announced that he was hired as a full-time employee. Its stock went up $8.42 (2.28%)

These two decisions shook up the tech AI world. On the one hand, startups or products that are heavily relying on OpenAI are looking for alternatives. Conversely, Microsoft, Google, and other big OpenAI partners might revise their AI strategy for the changing landscape and create more re-calibration and re-organization.

This demonstrates the importance of how leaders make decisions on investing in tech, talents, and vendors in this fast-changing and uncertain time. Strategic thinking skills are critical for leadership! An HBR article discussed strategic thinking skills as analytical, communication, problem-solving, and planning/management skills. I highly recommend it to leaders who are impacted by these decisions.

What are your thoughts about this AI-changing landscape?

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