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Steve Mitten mentioned 9 deadly online sins in the ICF Online Marketing webinar last month.  I am addressing one of the sins in this blog – having a website that does not represent your authentic self. My interpretation of this sin is that when our website projects ourselves and our businesses differently from who we are and what we are set to do, we are being deceiving. It’s not easy to pretend to be someone we are not and deliver what we are not intended to deliver.

Our website is a reflection of who we are and what our mission is. When we are expressed authentically, we attract ideal clients and create new businesses.

Simon Sinek’s Youtube video “How great leaders inspire action” explained that, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” He emphasize that the goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.

I spent time chewing on this concept and asking myself the question of why I do what I do. During the process, I had to take a deep look at the values I honor which guide my mission. I realized leadership, coaching/mentoring, making a difference, authenticity and teamwork are my top values. From there, my mission was derived – to empower leaders to serve their teams, customers and communities authentically.

My dream is seeing authentic leaders make a positive impact to the world. Especially in the current culture, people being in touch with their leadership within will make a difference.

This exercise created a fundamental framework for my personal and professional brand. I will be able to deliver cohesive and consistent messages to attract clients who want to lead authentically and make a positive impact.

What is the vision and mission that speaks to your ideal clients online?


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