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13 of us got together in San Francisco last Sat. It’s been over 25+ years since we said goodbye to each other in college graduation in Taipei. We searched for the young men and women we knew behind the wrinkles and grey hairs. We connected right away since we were so close in the college. At the time, 50 of us shared more than 20 hours per week on the common courses. When we were not studying, we had camping trips, dance parties, various parties between various small groups and an awesome week-long graduation trip. Everyone had some different memories and we all agreed that those were wonderful years.


After graduation, we all went on different journeys. Half of us became US citizens after getting our master degree and first job here. Would we imagine that when we started the college at the age of 18? At the time, I remember we talked a lot of our dreams and our relationships. We never discussed what kind of life we would be leading when we grew up.


It’s such a  pleasure to see everyone being healthy and happy. I wish everyone moves into older ages with grace and health. When I see you again, I will give each of you a big hug and tell you I love you!

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