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20+ of us volunteered in the Northwest Harvest Warehouse to pack food for the food bank. Within 3 hours, we packed over 3000 24-pound food boxes. It’s quite some experience. When I was packing a food box, I was very present to the fact that I was preparing a family’s meal. I learned that Northwest Harvest gave food to people standing in line. There is no qualification question asked. And there are tremendous volunteered hours in the process. Last year, the total volunteer hours were equivalent of 22 full-time employees.

Before, when I donated can food to the food bank, I didn’t give much thought. Now, I know more than 50% of food is served to children and the elderly and I will give careful consideration to my donation. I will also encourage teens to volunteer in the food bank. There are a lot of lessons to learn. Currently, food banks can’t meet the growing demand.
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