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I attended the 10th annual Cloud Expo in New York from 11th to 13th. Since I decided to keep a low budget for the trip, I booked a hotel 25 blocks away from the conference.  I travelled by subway and walked a lot in the city. The public transportation in New York is quite convenient and the people were very helpful in giving me directions. In general, it felt as though everyone was living routinely and nothing was particularly exciting. The most lively thing I witnessed was a couple of happy teens that were affectionate and loving on the subway train. Near the hotel I was staying in, there were many small restaurants that provided a variety of food and happy hours. All of them had people eating and drinking. There, the city-dwellers looked happier. I suppose they really need the happy hours to relax from a stressful New York life.

In the Javits Convention Center and subway stations alike, there are no recycling reciprocals whatsoever. For a conference of 7,000+ attendees,  No recycle bins? All empty water bottles went to the trash cans. In the city, there are many signs that read, “Keep New York City Clean”. Maybe there should be signs “Keep Our Earth Livable”?

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