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This is my 100th blog! I have been blogging since 2005 and have kept my one blog per month commitment.
Yesterday, I attended the first AT&T Networking Leaders Academy (NLA) conference in New Jersey and received a reward as one of the top bloggers for the AT&T Network Exchange Blog. Most of my blogs were about Cloud Computing, a field that I stepped into last year and have become passionate about. To me, blogging is sharing, learning and being self-expressed. The AT&T Network Exchange Blog serves as a platform for employees to share our knowledge and experience with the world.
The event was well organized and educational. We learned about Personal Branding, Telling a Story with Your Content, The Tao of Twitter, Social Media at AT&T, Expanding Your Influence, Using Audio and Video for Blogging and Blog Analysis. Bloggers from different organizations of the company brainstormed and learned from each other. We listened to the executives’ speech and realized the impact we have made to our business and brand with our blogs. I was very inspired and grateful for the opportunity to blog and to be invited to the event.
Cause and effect can play a big role in life. I joined the NLA with the intention to re-direct web traffic to the Developer Program where I work. My goal was achieved. At the same time, I have more than “traffic”, I have readers and recognition. I have a community and the personal satisfaction of sharing, learning and self expression. I am a true believer in creating results by being consistent and  trusting the process.
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