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I joined Betterup, a coaching startup in August 2019. At the time, I was still looking for the next technical product manager position and didn’t fully take on coaching. I have been practicing my coaching skills in the corporate setting since I was certified as a coach in 2004.

When the pandemic hit, I started socializing with the idea of coaching full-time. I coached virtually, started to take on more clients, and enjoyed the people I worked with.  In 2021, I integrated energy work into my coaching. It’s a body/mind/spirit experience that helps raise self-awareness and release stress. Most of my clients value the experience and well-being becomes one of my coaching focuses.

Today, I looked at Betterup insights and realized that I coached 1400 sessions in the last 3 years. That’s hundreds of people I touched, they trusted me, and shared their lives with me generously. I feel humbled and proud at the same time.

Below describes one of my coaching moments.

“The first time you dropped me, I forgave you.

The 2nd time, I wondered about your affection for me.

Then, you dropped me again.

Now, you expect me to connect when you turn me on?


That’s my laptop talking.

It wouldn’t connect to my WIFI.

This was 15 minutes before my group coaching with 9 people

75 minutes for another group coaching with 8 people.

My heart beat so fast, and I couldn’t think straight.

What happened to the new USB WIFI adapter?

It worked well in the last two weeks after the WIFI card stopped working.

I haven’t dropped my laptop since then, have I?

I turned off the laptop and turned it back on while praying….

It didn’t work.

I turned it off and turned it back on again while praying louder…

It worked

Deep breathing. I did my group coaching sessions! Relieved

Now. Getting a new laptop and won’t drop it again!

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