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I used to watch clock when I worked out. How much longer?

Last week, I received a CD from my friend. It has songs with great dance beats. When I listened to the CD while working out, I could simply go extra miles. The music did magic.


I start to think. As a life coach, isn’t that what I do? Find the music in life with my clients so they go extra miles with all their potentials! And, they are the one creating amazing results with the music that inspires them.


Then, my thought goes further. Isn’t it a job of an entrepreneur – find the music in their clients’ life so they are open to see the value of his business? If it’s just about making money, will there be any magic or money?


What about executives? What do they do so their employees are inspired to go extra miles? If leaders think only about their own future, will there be any magic or future?


Hsuan-hua Chang, Certified Professional Coach

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