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Michele; my fellow coach inspired me to blog. (Check out her blog with Multiple Streams of Income via the Internet )

It took me a while to start since it seemed like a lot of work. I started with MSN spaces last weekend and had a lot of trouble to sign in to my MSN blog space in the last few days. I got very frustrated.

Today, I found an easy way in. I went to and signed in. Then I went to my MSN spaces blog site and had no problem to manage my blog. I guess it’s not easy to make the Multiple Streams of Income via Internet working without some techy background. 🙂

Watching my teen working with 3 Instant Messagers windows and 2 blog sites simultaneously, I think she is like fish in the water. I wonder if they were born more techy than us. 🙂

Will our next generation seei Internet as Multiple Streams of Income source? Multiple relationship building source? Or what?


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